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Porsche Macan Rim Refinishing Gloss Black

Here is another of our rim refinishing projects: original Porsche rims were refinished in gloss black, tires were re-installed and precision balanced. All for factory original look and fitment. For your rim powder coating needs visit Tirehaus in Hamilton. Stop by the shop to see samples of different finishes and see which one is right for you. Call 905-387-8555 to schedule your appointment.

Rim Repairs

Did you damage or bend your rim? Don’t assume wheel damage has to lead to a new set of wheels. Look into wheel repair to effectively take care of that damage. Various tools and fixtures, combined with old-style metal forming skills reverse the many forces that may have put that wheel out-of-round in the first place. Remember however, that the visible damage caused by a pothole or a curb may …Read More