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Rim Refinishing

Refinish your scratched or damaged rims.

Tirehaus offers rim refinishing and rim repair services.  We refinish all wheels both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Automotive rims have many different types of finishes.  The most common ones are: painted (powder-coated), machined and polished finishes.  With our refinishing processes we can remove curb rash, scrapes, gouges and paint discoloration caused by age or weather.  We can refinish almost any type of rim finish.

Paint or powder-coating is the most common finish used on cars today.  The painting process includes prepping the wheel, adding primer, applying base coat, and finishing with a clear coat, which seals the entire paint job against corrosion, caused by daily wear and environment.

Polishing process gives the rims shine, comparable to chrome wheels.  We can restore the original polish luster of your wheel by either hand polishing or machine polishing.

For more information and a price quote please call 905-387-8555 or contact us.

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