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Cracked Rim Repairs – Welding

Cracks are a common problem with alloy wheels. Cracks can occur due to an external force (impact or pressure) applied to the rim. Small cracks can lead to slow air leaks. If left unattended the cracks can widen and may cause serious problems. Large cracks can cause very quick air leaks or even prevent you from inflating your tire altogether. A cracked wheel, even with very tiny hairline cracks, can quickly become unsafe to use.

Cracked Rim Welding

Welding of cracked rims is a permanent solution to above problems. Unlike sealing compounds (which are sometimes used as “quick fix” for small cracks to just stop the air leaks), welded areas are strong and prevent cracks from enlarging and becoming a hazard. Certified alloy welders at Tirehaus can repair your rims and make them safe to use.


Cracked Rim


Crack area prepared for welding


Crack welded


Weld area cleaned up


Repaired area re-finished


Repaired Rim